wilderado_coverOn July 22nd, Los Angeles-based band Wilderado (formerly Bird Dog) will release Latigo, their brand new four-song EP via IAMSOUND Records that was mixed and recorded in the band’s own studio, set up in a dilapidated house in Latigo Canyon in Malibu, California—a location that had a palpable and obvious influence on the sonic landscape of the the aptly-named record.

Opening track “Morning Light” is perfection in its role as the album’s introduction; there is only pure listening pleasure derived from the balance of hard-hitting grit with the unique inflection and tone of Maxim Helmerich’s versatile vocals—he howls and growls with the sassitude of ten frontmen. And yes, I just made up a brand new word to use, because this song demands it.

The grit takes a tender turn in “Already Loved”, drawing on the rock side of the spectrum, while in contrast, the saloon doors swing towards the wide-open desert in the country-tinged “Rubble To Rubble”, ending in a raucous sing-along that beckons you to join.

Last, but not least, lead single “Wheat” is a full-on rocker, with lusty guitar riffs and synth-y flourishes that are a welcome surprise on this rockicana gem. This EP is definitely all the things; it just might be my new anthemic summer go-to.

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