Dallas-based dark pop band, Mount Tyrant, recently released a slick new video for their pop-tastic single “One Night”; with an energetic and shimmery sound reminiscent of bands like The 1975 and PVRIS, Mount Tyrant is poised to make waves on a national level. And they have amazing hair.

Me: Between the five of you, there is a lot of hair. I’m so jealous.

Hunter Fitch: When we started the band, everyone had short hair. We were all really clean-cut and polished. We’ve slowly gotten hairier as the band has progressed.

Me: What’s your secret to such enviable hair?

He: We use a lot of coconut oil. A couple of us live together, and we share hair products—if someone finds something that works really well, we all have to give it a try!

The members of the Mount Tyrant met while working at a local print shop together; frontman Fitch studied design in college, and the band still designs and prints all of their merch and band-related materials. Fitch says the band is meticulous about crafting the band’s aesthetic, which has naturally has evolved since they began. “At the beginning of the band, our sound was darker, it was kind of a Warped Tour kind of vibe. We all really like pop music though, and as we’ve grown, we’ve veered in that direction,” Fitch explains. “We’ve put our own twist on it, we write what we’d like to listen to.”

Fitch reveals that the group is working on an EP to release later this year; their close attention to  detail can lengthen the creative process, but even a cursory listen or glance at that they’re doing is proof that it’s working. “We’re not really a house show kind of band; we have a lot of amps, we do a lot of digital things, we dress a certain way, we go to great lengths to make our live sound mirror our recorded music,” he says.

Mount Tyrant’s evolution is also evidence of an evolving scene in in their hometown. “We’ve been told in the past that we’d fit in better in places like Austin,” Fitch says with a laugh. “Traditionally, the scene in Dallas has leaned more towards a hardcore sound, either that or country. Our vibe is an emerging style, it’s a relatively new thing here, but the scene is definitely changing.”

It’s evident that this uber-talented and beautifully-coiffed group is dedicated to delivering their gleaming brand of infectious anthemic pop to your earbuds in a major way. “We aren’t going to be young forever, and we didn’t want to regret not using the tools we have to pursue a career in music,” says Fitch. “We’ve put everything we have into it. If you want it bad enough, you’ll work for it.”

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