We love receiving new music from independent artists and signed artists alike! Some things to keep in mind if you want us to review yours:

  • We usually do not review LPs or EPs that have already been released, but sometimes will make exceptions for recently released works.
  • Please send working links to the music you are submitting. It will help if the links are easy to find in the email.
  • Please send links to your socials in the same email.
  • Please know that if we pass on your music, it doesn’t mean that we don’t like you, that your music is “bad,” or that you need to question what you’re doing with your life. We want everyone to succeed! However, we get a lot of review requests, and our resources are limited.
  • Send your submissions to George Maifair,

Please note that we no longer participate in SubmitHub. We enjoyed our time with SubmitHub and they have always been supportive of our blog. However, the amount of submissions became overwhelming.

Helpful hints about submitting music to East of 8th:

We receive over 2,500 emails in most weeks. We try our best to give every song a listen. To help us give the most artists a chance, please:

  • Make sure the links to the music work. This is the most important thing. It can be any streaming service, public or private, but if they don’t work, we simply don’t have enough time to hunt it down. Teaser emails without links also do not work.
  • Make sure it is easy to find the links. We love a good bio, but please put the music where we can find it.
  • Include an artist photo with good resolution. If it is an album, please include the album art or a link to the art. Please include any photographer credit that is needed.
  • Either include your web address and all social media links or include just your website address if the social links are prominent on the site.
  • Consider whether our focus on rock, indie rock, alt-rock, and indie pop is the right place for your music. We love all kinds of music, but the blog is focused.
  • Not to beat the dead horse, but the number one thing we need is to be able to hear your music. Each step or obstacle in finding or accessing your music makes it more likely that we move on without getting to hear your creation.

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