In a world riddled with uncertainty, one thing is always consistent for many of us: music. New music reminds us that no matter is happening in the world, time keeps moving forward; at times, music is a snapshot of the current state of the society in which it is released or which inspires it, other times it’s just pure escapism from the heaviness of the everyday. Life is a many-layered collection of surprises and music icing on the cake. Resonate, the forthcoming album from cosmic funk outfit Lettuce out on May 8th, is a bright spot on this dark horizon, and it’s just what we need.

Resonate, a welcome extension of their last release Elevate, abounds with Lettuce’s signature free-flowing creativity, their onstage energy captured in recorded form, their sound fresh with heavy momentum. With several new tracks and a few that have already received live improvisational treatment on the road,  Resonate is continued proof that when creativity and chemistry collide, the resulting combustion is a beautiful thing to behold.

The second track into the Resonate journey, “Good Morning Mr. Shmink,” showers ears with drips of trip-hop from Adam Deitch’s drum kit, accompanied by sheer bliss from the horn section. “NDUGU” soars off on a magic carpet ride with the album’s first venture into the funk psychedelia that has become Lettuce’s calling card. Ryan Zoidis and his jazzy sax carry this track into the Far East ether. 

Floyd-esque soundscapes blossom into the progressive soul track “Mr. Dynamite”; no doubt a tip of the hat to the Godfather himself, James Brown, and lounge lizards far and wide will appreciate the complex melody backed by a smooth and straightforward hum from the rhythm section. Lettuce blurs genre lines yet again while aiming straight for the hearts of clubbers with “House of Lett”; Nigel Hall steers the infectious house music sound with a consistent, chunky melody on the keys that is sure to keep listeners groovin’.   

This group thrives on releasing new material for the masses, and we’re so thankful they continue to give us the sound we need right when we need it. With Resonate, Lettuce has cemented themselves in the driver’s seat of the current funk revival

Resonate Tracklist:


Good Morning Mr. Shmink


Checker Wrecker (feat. Jungle Boogie & Big Tony)

Silence is Golden


Mr. Dynamite

Remember The Children


House of Lett



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[This review was handcrafted with care by Eo8’s own funk enthusiast and Lettuce superfan Rich Harley]


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