San Francisco-based singer/songwriter Jessie Hyde is a Jane-of-all-trades; Hyde was a product manager for 23andMe, has a master’s degree in biochemistry, she’s a model, and is obviously insatiably curious. After a life of serial monogamy and heartbreak, she left a relationship last fall. Leaning on her love of music to help her process her feelings, Hyde, who had no previous experience making music of her own, sat down and intuitively began to write. One hundred fifty songs later, Hyde will release her debut EP UNSUPERVISED, on June 2nd. 
Tomorrow, Hyde will release “Charity,” a single from the EP, and we have a sneak peek for you.
“For the first time in my life, I’m learning how to set boundaries with men,” says Hyde. “‘Charity’ is about reclaiming my power in a situation in which I felt like I kept trying to please someone.” And it’s something a lot of us go through, isn’t it? Hyde encourages us to stop giving our power to others. WE hold the keys to our own shackles, y’all.
The simple instrumentation and almost lyrical chant-like quality of “Charity” are kind of liberating in a way; who says you have to be a high-powered pop star to write out your feelings, put them to music, and share it with others? Here, Hyde brings her spirit of curiosity and personal innovation to her ever-changing form. Without further ado, East of 8th presents “Charity” by Jessie Hyde:

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