“‘Lock Me Up’ is about the feeling of never being able to do anything right, no matter how hard you try,” says Chicago-based singer/songwriter Anna Holmquist, frontperson of the band Ester. “Lock Me Up” appears on their forthcoming debut full-length album Turn Around, set for release on March 27th via Midwest Action. Turn Around is a meditation – both on major life changes and looking back at the past to understand your growth. Most of the tracks came out of a six-month songwriting period around the beginning of Holmquist’s Saturn Return, which is psychologically seen as the time of reaching full adulthood and being faced, perhaps for the first time, with adult challenges and responsibilities.

“Just tell me something that’s true,” Holmquist sings with resolve – it’s something to which we can all relate, isn’t it? Most of us are searching for truth, trying our hardest to be the best versions of ourselves and not let our loved ones down in the process. We’re all struggling with something, and if we can’t find anything else in common, we can find commonality in our humanity. “Lock Me Up” is appropriately visualized with its accompanying video; its production is simple, which allows us to focus on the contrast of shadows and light, as Holmquist makes virtually unbroken eye contact with the viewer. It’s hypnotic, and unsettling in the best kind of way.

Without further ado, East of 8th presents “Lock Me Up,” the new video from Ester:

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