It’s been said that love is an unconditional commitment to an imperfect person; love isn’t just a feeling, love is a conscious decision, a choice made every single day. Colombian-American alt-pop artist Jacke Castro explores this in her new single “Gravity,” out everywhere today. “I wrote ‘Gravity’ about that moment when you’re mid-fight with the person you love when you stop and realize you’d rather just be loving them than fighting,” she explains. “You realize it doesn’t matter who’s right or wrong anymore – Just put your arms around me already and we’ll be fine.”

In 2016, she made a successful debut into the music industry with her band Castro, a folk/pop trio consisting of her brothers Jason and Michael Castro. With the release of their EP ‘Diamond Dreams’ debuting at #1 on the Singer/Songwriter charts on iTunes and gaining over 9 million streams on Spotify, they made a national television appearance on The Wendy Williams Show and toured with acts such as Andy Grammer and Gavin DeGraw. In 2018, it was time for her to part ways and find her own voice. Leaving behind a deal with Curb Records, the Dallas native moved to Nashville and worked to hone her craft amidst the burgeoning pop scene in the Music City. “I want people to be able to hear my whole heart in every song I write – from my deepest fears, insecurities, and regrets, to the moments of pure love, passion, and acceptance,” she explains of her new music. “We’re all a kaleidoscope of colors, but I’ve found that music makes us realize how we’re truly more similar than we are different.”

In “Gravity,” Castro sings, “Why do I push you away when I could hold you? Why do I tell you I hate you when I love you?” capturing that goose-bumpy occurrence mid-argument when you realize the outcome is easily alterable, that acknowledging the love present is more important than the singular disagreement. Castro’s matter-of-fact vocal tone is bright against pulsing, understated rhythms; contemplation turns to resolve in the chorus – “There’s something between us, something pulling us closer when I push away,” she glimmers, beautifully illustrating that moment of truth and acceptance in sonic form. Jackie Castro, we’re definitely fans.

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