“‘Between Dreams’ represents the times in our lives where our heads are in the clouds, dreaming of playing our music forever,” says Mark Cunningham, drummer for Denver-based “mountain rock” band Whitacre, of their new song. “I love watching the clips in this video, which are from a time when we didn’t know how hard it would be to make our dream a reality.  Even still, the in-between moments are just as important and euphoric as the dream itself.” “Serene nostalgia and melancholic awareness that we are living breathing creatures with a past and a future and we drift here in the present. It’s a song that brings me right back to where I, and—if we’re honest—all of us, should be… right here in this moment,” adds banjoist Chase Perry.

“What goes up, must come down / I’m way up here just waitin’ to hit the ground / When I die I won’t make a sound / Spent too many years plannin’ it all out,” sings frontman Paul Whitacre. And it’s true, there’s a tenuous balance between tapping into the past and planning for the future, and the best place to be is right here in the present. “Between Dreams” is like a snippet of a dream itself, lyrical tenderness floating along on gentle fingerpicking, the video’s images like a quick flip through a photo album, the band taking a little break in their journey for a moment of reflection before moving on.

Whitacre’s new LP Seasons is set for release on April 17th; get a taste of what’s to come and check out the video for album track “Between Dreams” below:

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