Humanity is forever searching for beauty, and for the magic in the miraculous. Those two holy grails boldly converge in the natural world, where even the tiniest detail is important for the whole to function. We’re drawn to nature because we are a part of it, and it’s a part of us. Chicago native John Fatum, drummer for Brooklyn-based five piece The Rad Trads who performs his solo work under the moniker Jacksonport, touches on this in new single “Time To Dream.”

“’Time To Dream’ is a poem, a series of abstract vignettes,” he explains. “For me, they float from the north side of Chicago where I was raised to Jacksonport, Wisconsin, where we spent summers and for which I’ve taken my name. Most people don’t know too much about the Great Lakes and their storms, or the shipwreck history up there,” he continues. “I’ve brought a lot of friends to Lake Michigan and they always say, ‘Wow, it looks just like the ocean…’”

Jacksonport takes cues from the traveling troubadours of old, those observational songcrafters who remind us that beauty is all around us, we just need to pay attention.

Without further ado, East of 8th proudly presents this live acoustic video of “Time To Dream” from Jacksonport:

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