I have to say, I can’t get enough of rock duos – The White Stripes, The Black Keys, Royal Blood, Black Pistol Fire, I love them all. There’s something about the power that emanates from two people who are in sync, who go full-tilt-boogie and produce more noise than a freight train while they do it. Nashville-based duo Brother Man, comprised of guitar slinger Christopher Winfree and drummer Dalton Smith, definitely scratch that itch; their fiery performance style, complete with gear-climbing endeavors and whip-worthy locks put a smile on my face every time.

Today, the band carries on their “lean mean sound machine” mission with their new video, “Who I Wanna Be,” directed and produced by Josh Kranich. “The inspiration for the video was watching their live shows,” he explains. “I knew immediately that I wanted to capture their explosive energy, but push it even farther. I didn’t really care if the video was ugly or beautiful, as long as I felt we couldn’t predict what was going to happen next.”

“We recorded the song with Marc Whitmore who captures our songs in a way of which we only use to dream,” explains Winfree of “Who I Wanna Be.” “We always knew that this song was best to be used in a music video. Josh is one of our favorite directors in town, so when he reached out to collaborate we jumped on the opportunity. We gave him full creative control because he had such a good understanding of how to properly portray us visually. We merely had to show up, perform our song with the same energy we bring to every show we play, and let Josh work his magic.”

Brother Man shows the world that Nashville is more than just country music, and we are HERE. FOR. IT.

Without further ado, East of 8th proudly presents “Who I Wanna Be,” the new video from Brother Man:

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