In art, there are erasers or fresh coats of paint to cover mistakes. In theater, there are dress rehearsals before the final performance. There are even do-overs in golf (called mulligans). However, in life, we really only have one shot to get it right, because, as some say, you can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube.

Kristopher James. Bradenton, Florida-based singer/songwriter and Americana-Soul force with which to be reckoned, explores this in his new song and video, “Start Over,” featuring Swatkins, the keyboardist and talkbox aficionado from Allen Stone’s band. “I had a falling out with my mom, a few years back,” he explains of the song’s inspiration. “We’ve since made amends and have grown closer – but each of our relationships, whether it be familial, platonic or romantic, can deteriorate … sometimes we wish we could just hit the reset button, start over – like strangers getting to know one another again.” Even though we can’t go back and correct our missteps, we can reach out in love to work towards resolution and healing.

As with all of his work, James brings tenderness and vulnerability to the musical table, with verses delivered in his signature soulful style against a backdrop of head-bobbing grooves and rays of sunshine. “Start Over ft. Swatkins” appears on James’ new album Kindness Never Quits, set for release on September 13th, and the first listen (and look) is available here. 

Without further ado, East of 8th presents “Start Over ft. Swatkins” by Kristopher James:

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