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After spending months in the studio working on new material, R&B singer/songwriter Allen Stone is finally giving us a taste of what he’s been creating. In his newest soul-filled single, “Brown Eyed Lover,” Stone tells the struggle of being a touring musician while also being in a serious, committed relationship.

Despite its external appearance, the life of a musician is not all glitz and glamour. Often filled with heartache and homesickness, this soulful single discusses the challenges Stone faces while on tour. A self-proclaimed “slave to the road,” Stone admits touring forces him to sleep in a different bed in a different city every night. This can make it difficult for a relationship to excel and progress. Losing hope, Stone admits he feared he chose a profession that wasn’t meant to incorporate a romantic partner. Until he met his soon to be wife.

“‘Brown Eyed Lover’” depicts the internal struggle of being in a relationship while also being on the road – the struggle of having to leave constantly for my career but wanting my relationship to move forward. I don’t want to keep her waiting,” he confesses.

With its funk-driven rhythm and emotional lyrics, Stone puts his own twist on a love song. While expressing feelings of infatuation, Stone can’t help but share his insecurities, too. “What if she finds a man / Who’s got so much more time / For her than me on his hands?” he sings. With his powerful yet honest vocals and lyrics, one can’t help but feel the struggle right along with him.

Click HERE to listen to “Brown Eyed Lover.”


[This mini-review was handcrafted by Eo8’s own Bri Goebel.]

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