Following the release of their latest album Bark Your Head Off, Dog, Philadelphia indie-rock band Hop Along debuted the album’s first music video for their atypical break up song, “How Simple.”

Despite being a song about the fears and life lessons associated with growing up, the video showcases frontwoman Frances Quinlan dancing about unapologetically–perfectly complementing such an anxiety-filled song, the video shows Quinlan’s true, carefree self. Repeating the phrase “Don’t worry we will both find out / Just not together” countless times throughout the song, Hop Along emphasizes the importance of personal growth.

Emerging from behind a door and into a single spotlight, Quinlan immediately begins to dance throughout a dark house; the spotlight follows her as she continues, eventually meeting up with the remaining members of Hop Along, stopping for a bowl of cereal and stepping into a chaotic strobe light party.

Serving as the band’s first appearance in a music video, Quinlan admits being nervous beforehand. “I told myself that I’ve danced through my own house solo enough times to do an alright job of it in front of a camera. All that being said, I’m still surprised that this piece came to be. I wasn’t sure I had it in me to do it,” she says. We dig it, and you will too. Check it out:

[This mini-review was handcrafted by Eo8’s own Bri Goebel.]

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