It’s been said that trends come and go, but that style is eternal. Los Angeles-based chanteuse Haley Reinhart has style in spades, which is beautifully showcased on her forthcoming release Lo-Fi Soul.

With the album’s shimmering introductory notes, a veil is lifted and the listener is drawn into the experience like Homerian sailors unable to resist the Siren’s song. However, rather than leading us down a path to destruction, Reinhart leads us through a skillfully-curated collection of songs awash in vintage vibes and reflective of her influences. The sass is strong with this one.

Album opener “Deep Water” is the anxious overthinkers’ anthem—“I’m in deep deep water with my shallow thoughts, won’t you please please save me,” she belts, and from that moment, I realize that she doesn’t know me, but she totally gets me. The path of Lo-Fi Soul is paved with Motown grooves, classic R&B, and even jazz-infused 60s-style bossa nova. “You’d better tell me that you love me, tell me that you need me, treat me like I’m everything you want and more,” Reinhart croons in “Honey, There’s The Door,” as she, in her velvet-edged ethereal vocals, sets clear expectations for how she is to be treated—and the consequences for not falling in line will result in the ultimate kiss-off. Her empowering tone is confident, effortless, and smooth as silk.

Though the album is 13 tracks long, it ends all too soon; with closing tune “Baby Doll,” a smoldering groover that gives us one last glimpse of the warmth and sonic sunshine we’ve enjoyed throughout Lo-Fi Soul, the veil closes behind us, and we’re ushered back to the here and now, ready to go back for more. 

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  1. Great Review….Thanks for saying! Haley Reinhart is one of the best in the music industry, isn’t she & exactly what our music scene needs today!

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