What is funk? Can it simply be qualified as a genre of music influenced by blues, jazz, and soul?  How about a lifestyle full of colorful and flashy clothes and an infectious positive attitude?  Is funk dead?   Turkuaz certainly doesn’t believe so and presses ahead with their latest release Life in the City.  Prolific chunky bass lines push the serpentine sounds from the horn section deep into funk connoisseurs’ memory banks.

The nine-piece Brooklyn based group opens with the title track painting a reality check picture of the rat race that is big city life.  This theme morphs and grows with each track.

“Make You Famous” lends a generous helping of heavy synth grooves with lyrics creating a sweeping view of frenzied life in the limelight.  “Turn around, gyrating and you’re wasted. Found a sound, that’s never going to let you down.” Female vocalists Sammi Garett and Shira Elias shine on tracks “The Question” and “Rule the World,” allowing the guitar and horn melodies to time warp you back to 1960’s Motown. “Fight the Fire” drops the tempo down for the album’s closing number.  The last 90 seconds of the track show off the group’s vibrant sound brilliance with a jazz/blues fusion jam.

The 9-song polished production is a throw-back to when albums were made to be listened to all the way through.  With danceable hits and sing along lyrics, Turkuaz presents a perpetual classic.  Fans of 70s funk blended with silky female vocals and a twist of Talking Heads will have this record on repeat.

[LIfe In The City is out on September 28th via Electric Habitat Music and can be ordered HERE.]

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[This was written by Eo8’s own jam band and funk enthusiast Rich Harley.]

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