Nashville-based songrafter and Zac Brown protégé Charlotte Leigh, a self-described city girl who revels in the freedom of the great wide open, got her start singing in church. With a firm grasp on her roots, she spreads her wings with “Give In To Me,” her new single set for release on September 28th. “This song is by far the most intimate & precious song that I’ve done,” she says. “I took inspiration from some of my strongest influences, artists such as Thirdstory. Producing this song was beautifully challenging, an incredible learning experience, and really opened up a whole new side of my creativity,” she adds. “It’s who I aspire to be as a woman and also as an artist.”

“I’m sick of wasting time with you, but I know I can’t be through,” she sings in her soulful vocal-style reminiscent of fellow chanteuses like LOLO and LÉON. This week, she will make a guest appearance during Kristin Chenowith’s live performance with The Nashville Symphony, one of many performances surely to come in her adopted hometown. We can’t wait to see, and hear, what’s ahead.

Without further ado, East of 8th proudly presents “Give In To Me” by Charlotte Leigh:



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