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It’s a classic “Nashville” kind of story–artist moves to the Music City, works in the service industry by day, performs at open mics by night, meets other talented hopefuls who want to join forces, and magic is made. Such is the journey of Nashville rock outfit Fine Lines, whose melodic brand of rock n’ roll brings to mind greats like Journey, Boston, and Foreigner.

Powerhouse vocalist Chris Probasco moved to Nashville after the dissolution of his long-time band in Indiana; feeling lost and alone, he changed courses and learned how to demo his own music. Working days in a hotel downtown gave Probasco the freedom to peruse the city’s open mic night offerings to try his new material on the willing in attendance. “I was showing my demos to friends and jamming around in an effort to put a band together, which I was able to do somewhat serendipitously when I met Ben and James, who had played music together for years in Birmingham, and when Dustyn, who was an old acquaintance from Indianapolis, moved to town,” Probascso says. “When it all finally came together, it was effortless. It was like everyone knew exactly what needed to be played without being told. The music just sounded right and in a few months we had fleshed out the album.”

The album is Contact, which is set for release on Friday, September 28th. “It’s been a DIY project from start to finish,” he continues. “Making this album has been a lesson in self-reliance and about having a vision that you stick to and fight for. It’s been about perseverance and about doing what you love to do. It’s an album of searching and an album of hope. It’s an album that has been made better by everyone involved in its creation and I hope that it gives something to everyone who listens to it.”

Today, the band unleashes “Morning Sun,” a new single from Contact; with sweet intensity that builds like the fiery entity for which it was named, “Morning Sun” is a heartfelt reflection and moment of gratitude for familiarity in the midst of loneliness. “It’s a song about leaving a place that was once familiar and returning to find that you’ve become a stranger,” explains Probasco. “It’s about finding companionship when you’re alone. It’s a song about leaving as well as arriving.”

Without further ado, East of 8th proudly presents “Morning Sun” by Fine Lines:

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