Ella Vos, L.A.-based pop star with big dreams and a heart of gold, has taken debut album Words I Never Said, set for release on November 17thas an opportunity to share her soul with the world. From beginning to end, her signature style and euphonious melodies fill the album with an ethereal sound that is sure to bring tears to eyes and send shivers up spines. Her pure honesty and heartfelt lyrics allow everyone who hears to feel deeply connected to Vos through the balance she finds between relatability and intimacy.

This album, written in the wake of having her first child and facing the struggles of postpartum depression, acts as a collection of all the songs she’s previously released as singles, including hits like “Little Brother” and “Rearrange.” It features brand-new song “Suddenly” as well as a beautiful ballad titled “Words I Never Said” that is split between two tracks at the beginning and end of the album.

Vos is a fresh presence with a growing fan base because her realness draws people in. She sings about life: about loneliness, with lyrics like “you’re outside, I’m inside all alone” in “Mother (Don’t Cry)”; about suppressing difficult emotions, saying “pray for a different scene, we can ask but won’t receive” in “White Noise”; about friendships and relationships in “In Your Corner.” This is why Ella Vos is loved, and why her music is bound to make it big- she brings an authenticity to the pop genre that many artists lack these days. Her eagerness to empower young women and encourage girls to grow in their confidence is evident in everything she does. Vos is definitely an artist whose voice the world needs to hear.

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