Coopertheband is a “bramily”—band/friends/family— composed of five massive music nerds with minds to rhyme and ten hot feet. This year, they released Kingdoms, their third album, which encompasses themes of love, challenges to modern life, and rebellion.

Today, the Tennessee pop rockers unleash the video for album track “Rebels”; the video features the group set amidst a scene of fierce—and very colorful—competition, the perfect visual for this butt-kicking fist-pumper. Exploding with booming, tribal-esque percussion and fortified with anthemic backing vocals, “Rebels” is one hundred percent fun.

Of the song, the band says: “It’s about running off into the night with your love looking to feel alive in rebellion. “Rebels” touches on the feeling of  when you find yourself overwhelmed by life and the weight of it all, but are still  able to still find joy wherever you are… pushing against the grain of everyday monotony and remembering to live and enjoy each moment. The harmonies in this tune make it massive, leaving you wanting to know more about the story.”

Without further ado, East of 8th proudly presents “Rebels,” the new video from Coopertheband:

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