If you haven’t yet heard of Black Pistol Fire, you should—but even if you haven’t, that probably won’t be true for very much longer. From their energetic festival appearances to the unexpected artistry that you hear on each new release, this Canada-bred Austin, Texas-based duo, composed of guitarist/vocalist Kevin McKeown and drummer Eric Owen, will definitely not be underground darlings for long.

Deadbeat Graffiti, their new album, set for release on September 29th, is the fifth full-length  release from this powerful pair; inspirations for the record span genres, everything from garage rock to classic R&B, and all distilled through the filter of their wild, untamed style.  Opening track and enigmatic love anthem “Lost Cause” is a head-banging combination of rumbling drums and pealing guitar work. “Speak of the Devil”  shows us Black Pistol Fire’s bluesy chops—think hard-hitting  R&B, like James Brown’s “This is a Man’s World,” with dirt rubbed into it and filtered through an amp cranked to eleven. And, fair warning all you eager listeners—you’ll need a fire extinguisher handy to handle the incendiary rhythms and screaming frenzy of guitar licks of tunes like “Last Ride,” “Don’t Ask Why,” and “Eastside Racket.”

McKeown deftly fills the spaces with both his voice and guitar, while one-man percussion section Owen anchors  (and propels) the fury. Deadbeat Graffiti is an action-packed collection of energetic tracks that keeps you guessing, but never disappoints.

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[This review was crafted by international man of mystery, Hunter MacLeod.]

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