The Belle Game – Fear/Nothing

Vancouver alt-pop outfit The Belle Game released their sophomore album Fear/Nothing today via Arts & Crafts, With wall-to-wall atmosphere, Andrea Lo’s powerful vocals, and pop sensibilities that are blissed-out at one moment and shrouded in dark mystery the next, Fear/Nothing is a synth-y exclamation of celestial sound. Get your ears on this one.

Erin McCarley – Yu Yi

Alt-popstress Erin McCarley left the major label racket and unleashed her creative potential with her provocative new album, Yu Yi, (which appropriately means to see something with fresh eyes and to feel intensely) released today. Covering everything from female-empowered commentary on the state of the current political climate to rebellious fuzzed-out electro-goodness, McCarley’s Yu Yi has funkafied beats and those coveted “I’m gonna ride around all day with my windows down and the stereo cranked to 11” kind of vibes. In fact, we’re going to go handle that business right now and get the weekend started off right.

A Valley Son – But The World Moves

We’re breaking up the pop fest with blues-driven Southern rock n’ soul from the dust-ridden streets of….Brooklyn? Yep, that’s correct. You can take the folks out of the South, but you can’t take the South out of the folks–these talented Southern transplants unleashed their debut LP, But The World Moves today, and we dig it the most. Bookended by atmospheric slide guitar-laden tracks, A Valley Son‘s gritty new LP album tackles issues of addiction, faith, and coming of age in the great big city. Give it a spin, y’all.

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