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Modern soul innovator and Grammy-winning producer Son Little is coming to Mercy Lounge on September 23rd to perform songs from his forthcoming sophomore album, New Magic, out September 15th via ANTI- Records. Each of New Magic’s tracks draw from the diaspora of American blues and soul that includes not only modern R&B, but also rock n’ roll and hip-hop, and transforms them into a singular sound that is propelled by his mesmerizing and soulful vocals and production that artfully balances between rustic immediacy and hip hop cut-and-paste.

Son Little first came to the public’s attention through his collaborations with The Roots and RJD2, and has since toured with artists as diverse as Mumford & Sons, Kelis, Shakey Graves, and Leon Bridges, and won a Grammy for his work producing the legendary Mavis Staples.

As for New Magic, there is a feeling and attitude running through the music–and despite its mysterious origins, the musician’s divination ability is just that—divine. “There is this vein of the blues in it, and it can be distilled or boiled down just to the guitar and voice—or even just the voice,” he says.  “It’s that scenario of making something out of nothing. I can’t really explain it. That’s the gist of the magic. I don’t know where it comes from, but it’s there, and I can call on it. I can call on it standing by the dresser, walking down the street, driving a car, on a train, a plane, in a hotel room, in the green room, during an interview…it’s just there. I’m trying to pay tribute to that fact. It’s had a really powerful and in some ways increasingly healing effect on my life. Hopefully other people have that experience with it as well. I’m just happy that it’s there, wherever it comes from.”

The best part, beloved readers, is that the amazing Son Little will be bringing this new magic to Communion Presents at Nashville’s Mercy Lounge stage on Saturday, September 23rd, and we have a pair of tickets to give away! Just enter to win below, and a winner will be chosen at 9:00 a.m. CDT on Thursday, September 21st. Don’t miss out!

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