screen-shot-2017-01-25-at-11-23-19-pm“Don’t love me I’m quicksand, you’ll be gone in the morning,” sings Nashville songstress Whissell in “Quicksand,” the opener of her EP, Old Souls, Young Bodies, set for release on January 27th. Equal parts “oh snap” and “have mercy,” this song is only the beginning—in more ways than one.

Whissell’s distinct and soulful tone places her head and shoulders above the current female pop vocalist status quo as she takes her place amidst very “of-the-moment”electro-blues stylizers like Bishop Briggs and Rag N’ Bone Man; that husky voice, which could make reading the dictionary aloud sound fifty shades of sultry, is beautifully displayed on songs like “Pain Of Love” and “Whiskey Please.” The depth of emotion she is able to convey is exceptional—on foot-stomping battle anthem “It’s Going Down,” Whissell is convincingly unfazed by the challenge ahead of her as she relishes the thrill of the kill, whatever it may be.

The EP’s title track is more pop-centric and offers a different view of her versatility, as her catchy, Taylor Swift-like hooks continue to reel us in. Our journey concludes with the gospel-esque “Ready Or Not,” a bright, organ-splashed contrast to its more love-themed, percussive, and synth-heavy predecessors. “I wanna be free, I wanna be careless…Don’t wanna look back in three years and know I didn’t take my shot,” she dreams. She’s got her hand on the trigger, ready or not.

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