future-thievesOn March 24th, 2016, Nashville-based rockers Future Thieves live-streamed their show at Blue Rock Studios in Wimberley, Texas; the adrenaline from performing at SXSW only a week earlier added extra fuel to the band’s fiery blend of melodic rock and turbocharged southern rockicana. Viewers were glued to their screens as Elliot Collett (lead vocals) and band members Austin McCool (lead guitar), Nick Goss (bass), and Gianni Gibson (drums) delivered a stirring performance.

One of the benchmarks of greatness is a group’s ability to transmit the energy of a studio recording and amplify it into an explosive live experience, and a band that can capture that live energy on a recording is a testament to a their musicianship. Even a cursory listen to Live At Blue Rock makes it obvious that Future Thieves has got the chops; the album’s enormous sound bursts with sonic vigor. If you close your eyes and listen, it feels like a highly personal performance, like Future Thieves is playing a show in the room just for you.

Live At Blue Rock mostly features tracks from the band’s first full length release Horizon Line—from the emotionally soaring vocals of standout “Rosie” to pulsating crowd-pleaser “The Floor,” along with four new unreleased tracks, the songs flow and mesh flawlessly. Live At Blue Rock is a masterful release.

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[This lovely review was crafted by Hunter MacLeod, international man of mystery and freelance writer for Brody Ramone’s Dirty Glitter and Mother Church Pew.  Catch up with him on Twitter–@MadH_MacLeod]

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