a4158588929_16There’s definitely something in the water around Seattle; whatever your musical persuasion, there has been a steady stream of outstanding artists from the area for decades. Sometimes, those musically fertile grounds produce an artist whose talent is undefinable.

With her new EP, Stone, out January 16th, Whitney Mongé is one such artist whose work summons viscerally emotional sensations of a marvelous scope. In the space of only six songs, Mongé’s tangible passion could bring the listener to his or her knees. Her voice is exceptional—it possesses an amazingly transcendent quality that invades the listener’s spirit.

Mongé’s music can best be described as Alternative Soul, but to only label it as “soulful” doesn’t even scratch the surface. Growing up in a household with R&B and regional 90’s alternative were on perpetual rotation, Mongé adeptly melds these disparate and contrasting genres and makes them glow.

In slow-building opener “Chemical Reaction”. Mongé’s voice plays the role of aching romantic companion; as the song progresses, so does the adoring tension both in her voice and the band’s accompaniment, a vocal crescendo midway ardently convinces us that her intentions are true. On “Day of Rest”, an acoustic guitar introduction turns into a  magnificent array of strings. Lyrical lament and despair are on full display, and give way in total surrender to alter the circumstances. “Get Gone” is a funktastic hip-swaying head bobber with a naughty touch that gets the mind wandering.

Stone certainly builds on Mongé’s previous two releases and shows a growth in personal style and proficiency that have the potential to take her from a regional artist to the national stage.

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 [This lovely review was crafted by Hunter MacLeod, international man of mystery and freelance writer for Brody Ramone’s Dirty Glitter and Mother Church Pew.  Catch up with him on Twitter–@MadH_MacLeod]

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