AO_MyWoman_CoverARt“It’s not gonna break you, it’s just gonna shake you”, sings Angel Olsen, whose new album, MY WOMAN, out September 2nd via Jagjaguwar does exactly that; each of its ten tracks are multifaceted gems that brilliantly and individually reflect the creativity of their creator.

From the first notes of its dream-like Lynchian opener, “Intern”, Olsen explores age-old subjects like love, loss, and as she has said, “the complicated mess of being a woman,” but the way in which she conveys those sentiments is fresh, and utterly bewitching. From the sugary spin of heart-clutching swooners like “Never Be Mine” to the Grace Slick-esque psychedelia of “Not Gonna Kill You”, her affection for 60s-era rock n’ roll shines brightly in the music. However, she dons Doc Martens with her poodle skirt in grunge-tastic album standouts “Shut Up Kiss Me” and “Give It Up”, and deftly blends her influences in the echoing sultriness of “Heart Shaped Face” and “Sister”, her ethereal vocals like gentle fingertip touches on sensitive skin.

The music of MY WOMAN has definitely shaken this listener, making me realize that the rock realm indeed lacked a singular, strong, female voice. Until now.

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