Blog favorite blues rock duo, Black Pistol Fire, released their latest full-length album, Don’t Wake The Riot, on May 20th.  A follow-up to 2014’s swampy self-titled record, at eleven songs strong Don’t Wake The Riot shows the band going in a grittier direction.  Don’t worry y’all–vocalist Kevin McKeown’s signature howl and Eric Owen’s ferocious drum shredding is still the constant.

They also still make a lot of noise for only two people, and as with their previous album, nothing else is needed to keep the Black Pistol Fire aflame.  Taking listeners on a sonic journey, the band casts a line back to the last record on album standouts and first two tracks “Storm Cussin'” and “Hard Luck”, shows us some crunch with fuzzy barn-burners “Copperhead Kiss” and “Don’t Wake The Riot” in the middle, finishing our trip with the 60s-infused Ronnie Spector-worthy “Slowknife Stiletto”, and the easy-going (well, easy-going in the hard rock sense of the term) “Blue Blazes”.  Honestly, though, every song on Don’t Wake The Riot is a gold medal winner.  Check it out:

Purchase Don’t Wake The Riothttps://itunes.apple.com/us/album/dont-wake-the-riot/id1082851236

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