THE 8 x 8th PLAYLIST: JULY 24, 2020

Rounding up the latest in new indie rock, alternative, and indie pop music. 8 new songs added just in time for the weekend. Take a listen!

This week has a little bit of everything on the East of 8th playlist. From an angsty alternative anthem to true hip-moving indie pop, and even a few crossovers from the Americana scene!

The Spotify playlist is right on top for your listening pleasure. If you read a little further, you’ll find more info about each song and artist.

Without further ado, here is this week’s East of 8th playlist presented in the order they were added to the list.  Music is sorted for an enjoyable “mixtape” experience.  But feel free to shuffle it up!


PHNTMS are here to prove that rock music isn’t dead, it’s just evolved. Blending the feel of a modern anthemic ballad with soaring guitar features, and soulful, emotive vocals, “Honesty” has enough classic rock and alternative elements to feel familiar, yet singer Alyssa Gambino’s vocal flare transforms it into something completely new.

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With plenty of credits to her name as a producer and instrumentalist, Femke‘s latest single,”Easier” makes sure that you notice her performing talents as well. With minimal, well-placed musical touches highlighted by gentle piano and flourishes of strings, this song lets the artist’s voice shine. You can feel the end-of-relationship emptiness in your heart.

FEMKE Music Artist Promo Shot

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Leopold and His Fiction put a fist-pumping, hip-moving spin on self realization. “It’s How I Feel(Free)” is a delightful collision of classic, blues, and wild-child rock influences. It’s full of jamming guitar, grooving bass, and bold vocals–all the things rock music is missing way too often now days.

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‘little things’  –  sym fera

Who exactly is sym fera? What we know so far is that they are a young duo from Los Angeles. However, all it takes is one listen to “little things” to feel the artistic genius in their work. There’s a vocal richness that can’t be ignored and an overarching malaise in the echo-y track which punctuates the song’s message on destructive corruption.

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With the growth of the Americana music scene, folk rock doesn’t get enough love in the indie rock world. With “Behold You Now,” Matt Longo, a/k/a Thin Lear brings an epic tale of self condemnation. The song features enough of a funky edge to crossover from folk rock to a true indie rock romp. Filled out with flourishes of Wurlitzer organ and horns, get ready to get down.

Thin Lear

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An unquestionable badass of the Americana scene, Elizabeth Cook demands the attention of the rock world as well with her latest single “Bones.” With a foot-stomping, fist-pumping rhythm, the song instantly makes your pulse spike. While many singers would get lost in the musical intensity, it meets its match with Cook’s distinctive vocals that complete this infectious gem.

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Gracie and Rachel’s lyrics carry a message about stripping down to the bare existence inside. Musically, “Underneath” grows from its opening of gentle keys and synth to a rich pop journey, complete washes of strings, and an infectious drum rhythm. However, no matter how much the song expands, it thankfully never hides the duo’s lush vocals.

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Political, introspective, reflective, and a bit tongue in cheek. Together we get the classic-bedroom-pop-meets-rock-opera sound of Mark Fredson‘s “Thoughts and Prayers.” It’s a well-crafted musical indictment of our escapism from the weighty problems of our times, wrapped up in a grand piano-led singalong.

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