Introducing the East of 8th – 8 x 8th Spotify Playlist

Featuring the latest in indie rock, alternative, and indie pop. The East of 8th music blog has arrived on Spotify!

The playlist will be updated each week with 8 new songs which will be rotated every 8 weeks, (eventually) resulting in 64 new songs for your listening pleasure!

Without further ado, here is this week’s East of 8th playlist presented in the order they were added to the list.  Music is sorted for an enjoyable “mixtape” experience.  But feel free to shuffle it up!

(Since this playlist will update each week, you will need to scroll down on the Spotify embed to see prior songs.)

“Wanna Go”  – Jimkata

Jimkata dares you to resist the urge to nod your head along with the funky groove of their latest single, “Wanna Go.” While there’s an underlying message on the ills of perception vs. reality on social media, what sticks with you is how much fun you have listening to the single’s catchy riffs and synth soul.

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Waves”  –  Swagata Biswas

Looking past the difficulty of the present, singer-songwriter Swagata Biswas delivers a message of hope for the future with her latest single, “Waves.” The opening of ominous acoustic guitar and cello give way to soaring electric guitar, as Biswas’s rich, soulful voice delivers a missive of brighter days ahead.

Photo Credit: Brian Wells

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“TV Screens”  –  Ci Gofod (feat. Pseudo Cool)

Taking on the feeling of monotony (something we’re all facing now days), Ci Gofod and Lloyd Bastian from the band Pseudo Cool, blast away tedium with this bright, indie-pop single. The song starts with a rapidly repeating riff, accenting the artist’s feeling of universal ennui. However, it quickly gives way to an expansive, electro-infused rocker, offering the musical escape both artist and listener are seeking.

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“Purple Haze”  –  Zella Day

Psychedelic flashbacks and dreamy, vintage vocals reign supreme in the latest offering from California singer-songwriter Zella Day. With plenty of soaring retro guitar and hazy synth, “Purple Haze” embraces the pure freedom of summers past, and carries you back to funkier times.

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“Summer Snow”  –  Spirit of the Bear

Shaking off the gloomy effects of the pandemic’s isolation, Spirit of the Bear break free with a dance-ready, disco-infused, indie-rock jam to brighten everyone’s mood. It’s the kind of song that we all should be hearing floating in the air at our favorite music festivals. For now, its bouncy, synth melody will keep the spirit alive as we live our music lives from home.

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“Rumble and Crawl”  –  Chantel Van T

With haunting vocals and an elegantly restrained orchestral landscape, “Rumble and Crawl” evokes visions of a grand concert hall with singer Chantel Van T emoting in the spotlight. Forgoing the easy temptation to destroy the song’s hypnotic quality with over production or tempo changes, the song stays true to itself throughout, making Chantel’s musings on the illusions of love all the more poignant.

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“Expected to Fly”  –  Eddy Lee Ryder

With “Expected to Fly,” Eddy Lee Ryder completely delivers for a musical world that desperately needs more anthemic rock bangers. The elements of Stevie Nicks’s vocal styling, Tom Petty’s lyrical disillusionment concealed by a happy melody, and Springsteen’s roaring angst combine for a head-nodding, fist-pumping, true rock song.

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“Devils And Angels (Hatred)”  –  Rufus Wainwright

This is one that needs to be both seen and heard. With vocal grandeur, emotional political meaning, and an operatic inspiration, Rufus Wainwright puts together a musical tour de force. With “Devil & Angels (Hatred),” Wainwright brings back baroque pop rock in style–even more so with the single’s music video that could only exist thanks to the artist’s unique vision of the world.

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