A Playlist From Natalie Claro

Pushing limits—and breaking them—is the only constant for Natalie Claro.  “Multi-instrumentalist” doesn’t do her justice. She is the sole writer, producer, and instrumentalist of all her music.  Her shows are an adrenaline rush, musically and visually. Her lyrics frequently tackle topics ranging from politics to mental health, presented in an ear-catching style.

With her newly released single, “Discomposure,” Claro continues challenging our senses, as she tackles some serious feelings over body-moving music.

“I was very into sharp drumbeats with 16th note hi-hats at the time,” Claro shares.  “I know that sounds very specific, but the rhythm style has a rushed groove that really stood out to me. I also was heavily inspired by thick, layered, harmonies and ad libs, such as what’s present in ‘Lovestoned’ by Justin Timberlake or ‘Jumpin Jumpin’ by Destiny’s Child. I wanted ‘Discomposure’ to emphasize stress and anxiety with the production, while still maintaining a level of danceability for live shows, and I felt these things encompassed that well.”

East of 8th readers get to take a look behind the scenes and into the artist’s mind this week!  Claro has shared with us a special playlist on Spotify featuring “Discomposure” and the songs that inspired its creation.


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