The 8 x 8th Playlist: New Music July 31, 2020

Any good playlist merges a bunch of music genres so you never know what to expect. The 8 x 8th Playlist was created to bring together everything from indie rock to baroque pop. Good music is good music no matter how you define it.

We were particularly blessed with the releases this week as the new music spans the United States and reaches across the Atlantic for some international gems. The list includes the most addictive song you’ll hear this summer, bass grooves that will make your hips move, and even a folk-rock song influenced by Steampunk!

Without further ado, here is this week’s East of 8th playlist presented in the order they were added to the list.  Music is sorted for an enjoyable “mixtape” experience.  But feel free to shuffle it up!


Indie rock gets a psychedelic twist on “Psychonaut,” the latest single from Cleveland-based Mr. Gnome. A spacey bass groove and floating guitar riffs give this song an interstellar kick that will have you drifting along in the cosmos.

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Inspired by the name of a cave used by a doomsday cult, “Kelpius” by Sylvette embraces its eerie namesake with haunting vocals and melodies. Filled with dark synth, vocal styling ranging from a grand pop power anthem to baroque mysticism, and plenty of supernatural in the lyrics, “Kelpius” is a spellbinding performance.

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When you start listening to “Fate” by Smith, Lyle & Moore, you’re instantly hooked by the catchy guitar riffs and inviting harmonies. However, you have no idea how insanely addictive this song is until the chorus kicks in. Seriously, this might be the most infectious song that’s hit our ears in a long time.

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It’s almost impossible to describe the experience of listening to “Switch” by Welsh singer-songwriter SERA. There are distinct American roots and folk rock influences, but there’s also the intensity that makes it feel like a song straight out of the soundtrack for an action movie. Described as “drawing inspiration from Steampunk, Frankenstein and the ‘Freak Lab-accident’ trope of the comic superhero,” it’s a song that will instantly grab your attention.

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A spacious musical landscape is met with haunting, soulful vocals on “Believe.” With enough electric guitar notes to put the “rock” in folk rock, Byland gives us an introspective song on a grand scale.

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The aftereffects of an ended relationship are explored in retro, groovy fashion on the latest single from indie rockers, Dead Swells. “Always Thinking Bout It” takes notes from several decades that come through with a hazy 70’s vibe, wavy 80’s synth, with a clean, modern vocal feel.

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Killer Whale gets downright groovy on their latest single, “Plenty of Time.” With a chill vibe from start to finish and a hazy coolness, the song is a delightful blend of influences that add up to a rock’n soul classic.

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Sure, it’s got a beat that draws you in with its rhythmic siren’s call. It also has a lush, orchestral quality. But take one listen, and there’s no denying that “Back at Wrong” is all about the powerhouse vocals of Lola Lennox.

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