From the moment we’re able to comprehend the world around us, we’re barraged with the idea that “things” will bring us happiness, peace, contentment, and relationship success. While our hearts may know this isn’t true, it can take a while for our heads to get the message that materialism isn’t the answer. Chattanooga, Tennessee-based multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter Jaron Utt explores this in his new single “Moonlight.”

“When I was writing ‘Moonlight’ I had a vague idea of the message I wanted to convey, but as time passed it became clear what I wanted to say,” he says. “I wanted to bring to light the materialistic culture that we live in. It seems to be so easy to get lost in all our possessions that we forget about what truly matters.”

“All these things will break and dry, but they won’t dry my crying eyes,” he sings, his contemplative tenor set against a dreamy backdrop of acoustic guitar and shimmering atmosphere. If beauty from introspection is the name of the game, Jaron Utt is winning.

Without further ado, East of 8th proudly presents “Moonlight,” the new single from Jaron Utt:

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