Nashville pop-rock artist-on-the-rise Kelsey Waters has been performing since age 14 but has saved her best work for her reimagined solo career, rolling her life story into a batch of dark, guitar-fueled songs inspired by electric rock n’ roll and pop noire. She makes raw, guitar-driven music, heavily rooted in the sound of ’90s female rockers- including deeply personal lyricism, her songwriting is as personal as it gets as she takes a look inward, opening up about addiction, heartbreak, and sexual desire.

We all crave something—attention, affection, validation, the list goes on forever. In her new single “Sweet Tooth,” Waters craves a person.

“Got skin like milk and honey…your kiss is cane sugar, still on my lips but I want another,” she purrs as she acknowledges that she can’t fight it, and frankly, she doesn’t want to. “The lyrics are playful, the instrumentation remains rock n’ roll. I think the balance between those two things is sexy…especially coming from a female perspective,” Waters explains. And we’ve all been there, haven’t we? We’ve all experienced that intense and inescapable urge to satisfy our respective cravings when they occupy our thoughts and we see reminders of our obsessions everywhere our eyes land. Our main goal is to get what we want to quiet that screaming desire, if only for a moment. Waters captures that hurts-so-good moment that lies between the want and the acquisition, and she does it with hip-shaking sass and a whole lot of swagger.

Without further ado, East of 8th proudly presents “Sweet Tooth” by Kelsey Waters:

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[“Sweet Tooth” is available everywhere on July 12th via AntiFragile Music. If you’re in the Nashville area, Waters will perform live at The Basement on July 15th, click HERE for more information.]

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