Madame Psychosis Kapow Cover Art

Summer just isn’t summer without its song.  The one that you play with the windows rolled down.  The one that keeps your pulse racing so you don’t miss a moment of those fun in the sun days. The one that you only need to hear once and you know you’ll listen to it a thousand times.  Today, with the release of their new single “Kapow,” Canadian alt-pop quintet Madame Psychosis dares you to play anything else while rolling to the beach with your friends.

Just as summer is known for its song, it’s also known for fleeting romances—both the successes and the rejections.  The heat of the chase and the emptiness of defeat.  Fittingly, “’Kapow’ is about the pursuit of dating, and getting someone you’re interested in to give you a chance,” explains songwriter and lead singer Michelle Mondesir.  “The references to ‘gunnin’ for ya’ and ‘quit your runnin’ in the verses capture this chase, while ‘kapow!’ in the chorus signals the heart-dropping moment of being rejected.”  Like the best boardwalk rollercoaster, summer love is full of its ups and downs.

While wooing may come fast or slow, “Kapow” is a non-stop, energy ride shooting out of the gate with a driving drumbeat, a thunderous guitar riff, and an anthemic lyrical delivery.  “This song is easily one of our favourites to perform with its high energy, catchy chorus,” Mondesir reveals. For now, we can only imagine ourselves in a crowd and letting loose to this up-tempo, heart pounder.  Until Madame Psychosis makes a stop over in our neck of the woods, we’ll keep this track playing a bit too loud on our car stereo and try not to let their electric riffs make us go too fast down the summer highway.

Without further ado, East of 8th proudly presents “Kapow” by Madame Psychosis:


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