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Thanks to modern-day inventions like Valentine’s Day, the Hallmark channel, and Lifetime movies, we’ve been programmed to think there’s something wrong in our love lives if we’re aren’t always swooning, filled with butterflies, and brimming with lust.  We forget that love is a choice and a lot of times, it ain’t pretty.

Des Moines-based outfit The Maytags offer a juxtaposition to this idea of perfection in love in their new video, “Lover Please.” With his soulfully emotive vocals and urgent lyrics, frontman Dustin Smith pleads with his lover to stay; just considered and heard on its own, the message could be kind of dramatic. However, the video offers a glimpse into what real love looks like–the everyday, the mundane, the sharing of sinks (which is grosser than you may think). “‘Lover Please’ is a song about pushing through,” Smith explains. “No matter how hard any relationship gets or what you’re going through, commitment is a mutual respect. Work hard. Rise up. And nourish your love relentlessly.”

“Lover Please” is featured on the band’s forthcoming album Meriweather, set for release on June 28th, which brings us more of The Maytags’ vintage R&B vibe, and sway-worthy timeless sound.

Without further ado, East of 8th proudly presents “Lover Please,” the new video from The Maytags:

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