Chattanooga, Tennessee-based folk-rock band Edward and Jane, helmed by Timothy “Edward” Carpenter and Emilie “Jane” Creutzinger, are known for their gut-punching lyrics, anthemic compositions, and soaring harmonies, a fact beautifully showcased on Too Early To Tell, their latest EP, released last fall.  

While the five stunners housed on Too Early To Tell are in the Americana vein, the band takes a step in a new direction with their latest single, “Blue Ridge Goodbyes.” With this new sparkling gem, they’ve added tons of atmosphere to their folktastic style. “Blue Ridge Goodbyes” is haunting, the vocals penetrate the soul, and the instrumentation swirls.

In order to craft the visual interpretation of the song, the band teamed up with Tampa-based photographer/videographer Nikolas Oliverio, who created the moody, one-take style music video starring vocalist Creutzinger. “We wanted ‘Blue Ridge Goodbyes’ to be felt as a lament for something or someone they willingly left behind,” the band says of the video. “Oliverio undoubtedly captured this through his work.”

Edward and Jane are currently on tour supporting their sophomore EP, “Too Early to Tell,” click HERE for more information.

Without further ado, East of 8th proudly presents “Blue Ridge Goodbyes” by Edward and Jane:

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