Oh, Valentine’s Day–such a polarizing thing; while it’s awesome to remind loved ones that, well, you love them, in its hokey and aggrandized Hallmark form, it can create unrealistic expectations and can send folks who are unattached down a shame spiral. That’s why we can’t get enough of Nashville singer-songwriter Anna Moon‘s supreme kiss-off to that whole situation in her new video “Mr.Valentine.” “I can remember the day I wrote ‘Mr. Valentine,'” she recalls. “I wanted to write a big F YOU to dating ‘norms.’ This song is about exploring a relationship free of expectations of what it might become. There is also some bigger picture meaning to the character Mr. Valentine, which in time will be uncovered.” Saucy.

“Hey there Mr. Valentine…You don’t have to buy me flowers, just give me all your lovin’ for a couple hours…Keep the chocolate and the romance, I’m only looking for a lover man,” she dares, her vintage vibe and come-hither vocal delivery like a unique blend of late throwback maven Amy Winehouse and alt-pop sass machine Fergie. Strong female voices are lauded celebrated here at Eo8, and we’re really excited to add Moon to our list of artists forging their own paths, and in this instance, encouraging listeners to think outside the commercialized confines of what love can be.  

Without further ado, East of 8th proudly presents “Mr. Valentine,” the new video from Anna Moon:

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