It’s been almost two years since we heard from Brooklyn-based Winstons, one of our most favorite garage-rock duos and all-around purveyors of electrified badassery.

Way too long, y’all!

Today, Lou Nutting and Ben Brock Wilkes are back with a crunchy new video, “Hard Times,” a track from their self-titled debut full-length LP, out March 1st (“Hard Times” is out via Big House Recordings). “This song’s about duality and balancing notions of self that can sometimes feel at odds,” says drummer Wilkes. “We’ve always been about that…staring the ‘don’t quit your day job’ trope square in the face…because you gotta eat, and who doesn’t love eggs? Hence the video and the mirrors and how we dance around each other like we’re barely aware of each other’s existence,” he continues. “I’m the dirty lucid angel on Lou’s shoulder as he shaves his face and cooks his breakfast, and at the end of the day, we both get exactly what we want.” 

“Hard Times,” a high energy tune with a vintage aesthetic and muscle-y sound, is the like band’s own take on the idea that “all you need is love.” It’s also a combustion of the elements that formulate the many reasons why we love about this band. They sure do make a lot of noise for two people, and we’re grateful they do.

Without further ado, East of 8th proudly presents “Hard Times,” the new video from Winstons:

(Vinyl release of Winstons is available via WarHen Records, pre-order HERE.)

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