Nashville may have a country music heritage, but the indie pop scene is exploding. Every day, we discover new bands making poptastic waves, and we are excited to share what’s happening with you!

Beloved readers, meet brand spanking new duo¬†IF I COULD_FOREVER, who will unleash their debut single “Simpler Times” tomorrow. It’s a classic Nashville kind of story, those connections forged in the fertile soil of the creative and collaborative community here–people make music, people share music with each other, people click, and musical magic happens.

“‘Simpler Times’ is the song that created IF I COULD_FOREVER,” says producer Hunter West formerly of Nashville rock outfit Mountains Like Wax, who co-founded the band with vocalist Wes Hunter. “We were working on a different project together when Wes showed me a demo he had made for this song. I told him we had to record it, and the next thing we knew, we had started a duo together. I had been listening to a lot of indie pop and thought even with the bare demo he provided, that there was a sound there that offered something different than other artists or bands I had been listening to.’Simpler Times’ is about putting selfishness aside in order to get back into a better season of life.”

Feast your ears on this shimmering sonic goodness, y’all–without further ado, East of 8th presents “Simpler Times” by IF I COULD_FOREVER:

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