When you’re frustrated beyond all belief, sometimes you just want to throw something, and sometimes, the easiest thing to throw is a tantrum. In “Tongue Tied”, the entertaining new video from and starring Nashville-based artist Paola Proctor, we see the aftermath of one well-pitched doozy after what appears to be a disagreement with her love.

“‘Tongue Tied’ is centered around the idea of being so tongue-tied in an argument that you can’t speak,” Proctor explains. “I felt like it was a really fresh and relatable approach to a song about relationships. For the music video, since it’s meant to be a fun and upbeat song, I wanted to ensure that the video did not come off abusive or depicting a toxic relationship. The director, Jeano Brooks, and I discussed in great length details such as the “accidental” knocking over of the picture frame, or the feathered pillow moment to ensure that the argument came off as humorous and more like a tantrum rather than a harmful altercation.”

The classically-trained Proctor has traveled the globe and performed before royalty and stadiums of baseball fans alike  Awash in pop sensibilities that nicely showcase her soulful chops, “Tongue Tied” is a clever way to usher in this much-needed weekend.

Without further ado, East of 8th proudly presents “Tongue Tied” by Paola Proctor:

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