“If your absence is a closeness your presence is just a lie,” declares Nashville singer/songwriter Monica Moser in “This Ache,” the first song on her new album your absence, a closeness, which is set for release tomorrow, October 5th, Moser’s first official release since her 2013 debut EP Human Heart. The record includes three previously released singles, three new songs, a prelude, and a remix, and conveys a sound that is more mature and darker than before.

The album’s sequence takes us on a six-part journey of letting someone go shaded by the consequences of allowing the false narrative that our past writes for us to be our guide. “This project includes words I wrote this year and words I wrote when I was 14 years old,” she explains. “The songs take you through a lot of experiences and revelations; even though the last track ‘Immortalize’ still questions why I/we do things–because we always will–it provides freedom in the fact that we don’t have control over other people. We don’t choose whether they stay or go, and even though that can be painful, it’s ultimately such a blessing that no one is meant to be our savior. I believe there’s only one savior whose love and grace I will never be able to comprehend. The times I spent in darkness was when I forgot that,” she continues. “your absence, a closeness is ultimately about hope and healing.”

As we move through the songs, we move towards hope and a clearer perspective. Moser defies genre and presents a diverse collection of work; each track showcases her angelic vocals which beautifully convey the pain and also the tenderness that comes from coping with loss. The songs are sonically dynamic–Moser uses varying instrumentation on each track, from the synth-y to the more acoustic guitar-driven, a delectable anticipation-building selection of sounds that keep us guessing in the best kind of way.

Without further ado, East of 8th presents your absence, a closeness by Monica Moser:

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[Monica Moser will be celebrating the release of your absence, a closeness with a show at Nashville’s Main Street Gallery at 7pm on Saturday, October 6th, with special guests Trella and In Grey. Click HERE for information and tickets.]

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