Well, team, tonight’s the big night. We’ve given you lots of information about The Lil Smokies, who will be performing at The High Watt this evening, and hopefully, you have enough cold hard facts to make an educated decision about coming to see them tonight and getting your socks rocked off by their progressive bluegrass goodness. We played a little round of word association with the band for your reading pleasure to get you geared up for what’s to come from this dynamic collective who hails from Missoula, Montana. They were given a list of words and responded with the first word(s) that popped into their heads:

MONTANA: Clean Undies – Andy Dunnigan (vocals, dobro)

NASHVILLE: Santa’s Place – Andy

LITTLE SMOKIES: Growers not a show-ers – Andy

TOURING: Whole Foods – Andy

HOT CHICKEN: 3am – Matt “The Rev” Rieger (guitar)

BEARDS: Maybe someday – Jake Simpson (fiddle)

CLASSIC ROCK:  Melodica – Rev

VANS: Best Sleep – Jake

FANS: Jamily

HOBBIES: “Lord of the Rings” – Rev

There you have it y’all. Come on over to The High Watt tonight and check out The Lil Smokies, supported by Nashville’s own Roanoke. It’s going to be a great time, let’s hang out!

[Click HERE for show information and tickets.]

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