“Find me a groove that I want to play, not worried about yesterday, I’m right here and now,” sings Nashville singer/songwriter Jon Reynolds in his new tune “Undertow.” The track, written with and produced by Ben Cramer of Old Sea Brigade and mastered by Josh Reynolds (Little Big Town), is the lead single from Fear Of…, the new EP from Reynolds and his band The Aches, set for release on December 13th.

“I’ve developed the habit of writing my music around a topic: particularly, current social issues. I think art can and should play the role of reflecting society,” says Reynolds of his new project. “In most situations, artists use their music as an escape or distraction from our day to days, and I have nothing against that. However, I believe music’s social foundation is in recognizing and validating peoples struggles- their problems and their worries,” he continues. “‘Undertow’ speaks to people who feel anxiety and stress about the issues we are experiencing right now, and for a moment, tells them they aren’t alone.”

Does life imitate art, or does art imitate life? Either way, the two sides of that golden coin seem to have synergized for Reynolds; the earworm-y “Undertow,” with its funky bass groove and poptastic sensibilities, is the just the right headbobbing midweek pick-me-up we need.

Without further ado, East of 8th proudly presents “Undertow” by Jon Reynolds and The Aches:

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