In this day of instantaneous information and anonymous criticism hurled without accountability from behind digital screens, it can be a difficult task to stand out on your own and be a voice rather than an echo. It takes courage to use our talents to make the world a better place. Nashville band Coyote Choir, made up of brothers Jason and Paul Watkins, and longtime friend Matthew Linton, encourage us to do just that with their new song, “Sing!”, a sincere, pop-driven anthem meant to inspire from their forthcoming album Volume 1.

“We often have a song named before it is written,” the bands says. “‘SING!’ was named on a morning when we were getting together to write. Mathew brought over a bag of Sing Tea from a place called High Garden in East Nashville.  We loved it!  He said, ‘Man, do we need to write a song called ‘SING!’? We wrote it for someone close to us who has a beautiful voice but went through a season of quietness.  She had lost her desire to sing. The song is an encouragement and reminder to us and, hopefully to all who hear, to use the gifts you’ve been given to inspire others. The message is clear: whatever stole your voice, take it back.”

Without further ado, East of 8th proudly presents “SING!”, the new tune from Coyote Choir:

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