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Sometimes, we have to endure the mundane in order to achieve the marvelous. Such is the story of “Going Through The Motions,” the new tune from Dallas-based seasoned songcrafter Salim Nourallah. 

Another songwriter I admire once said this about the ‘occupation’ of songwriting: ‘Most of the time to those around you, you don’t appear to be doing anything…’,” explains Nourallah of the song. “In some of the solitary spaces of my life, I often find myself caught up in waiting for any number of more exciting things to happen – like for that moment when the inspiration for a song will strike. On a particular day in May of 2016, I was having a frustrating morning where I felt like my head was completely disconnected from my body. It was like I was looking down at myself from a great height, observing my body going through the mundane motions of my day while my mind was completely elsewhere,” he continues. “I was not present at all, just caught up with the incessant stream of mental chatter cycling through. I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about — it’s part of being in these monkey suits of ours. Anyway, in a moment of observing how frustrating it was, I was inspired to do something about it. I wrote about it. I started in on this song, ‘Going Through the Motions,’” he adds. “Later that afternoon, after I’d worked it into an almost finished state, I took it over to my studio and started the process of recording it.”

“Going Through The Motions” features plaintive storytelling nestled within tender fingerpicking and spare instrumentation which allows his spirit to shine through and illuminate the musical landscape. 

Nourallah, who is set release sprawling double album Somewhere South Of Sane this fall via Palo Santo Records, is putting out four “bundles” of tunes in advance of the album which feature tracks from Somewhere, as well as unreleased material or acoustic re-imaginings of past Nourallah songs. “Going Through The Motions” appears on bundle two entitled West, available to the public on June 29th, and also appears on Somewhere.

Without further ado, East of 8th proudly presents “Going Through The Motions” by Salim Nourallah:

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