Shangri-La is a distant, imaginary place, one where everything is pleasant and you can have everything your heart desires. Nashville-based art rock duo Fox Grin brings that idea a little closer with their new and appropriately-titled single “Shangri-La,” a tune from their forthcoming album Dusk, due out early next year.

“‘Shangri-La is about the escaping feeling of contentment and enlightenment,” the band says of the song. “The never-ending reach for satisfaction and gratification, the self-awareness surrounding the duality of feeling lost while also being grateful for the idea and concept ‘Shangri-La’ provides.”

With its groovetastic landscape texturized by shimmering guitar, brightly-executed riffs, and dreamy vocals, “Shangri-La” provides a short escape from and injects a little psychedelic sunshine into the daily grind. Without further ado, East of 8th proudly presents “Shangri-La” by Fox Grin:

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