It’s a deflating experience when it’s supposed to be your special day, but the world just doesn’t cooperate—and we’ve all been there. New York City-based singer/songwriter Nick Cianci, who will release his debut EP, High-Fidelity Depressed next month, introduces us to one such unlucky lady in “Sparkling Jenny,” the first single off the EP. 

“In ‘Jenny,’ subby 808 loops marry live drums to create a trance-like backdrop for the song’s narrative–which follows the dejected title character through the evening of her 21st birthday,” Cianci explains. “The single is one of four songs on the EP, where buoyant hooks and bright melodies lift stifled characters out of darkness, isolation and heartache–and into the light. “

“Jenny” really does sparkle—its shimmering guitars and easy bass groove lay a balanced foundation for Cianci’s smooth and sensitive storytelling style to shine. Without further ado, East of 8th proudly presents “Sparkling Jenny” by Nick Cianci: 

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