In 2013, Vienna-based artist Inner Tongue was diagnosed with a rare vocal-cord disorder so severe that only a handful of specialists throughout the entire world were capable of treating it. The resulting surgery left him, for a time, unable to talk. The months that followed the operation were emotionally and physically shattering, and though he kept composing, singing was out of the question. Inner Tongue temporarily modified his musical focus by writing songs that could produce melodic tension without the use of vocals, and essentially hit the reset button on his musical identity.

On May 25th, he released his debut album Favours (Mount Silver Records/Caroline International), 12 tracks washed in pop-forward sonic elements that showcase Inner Tongue’s delicately-delivered tenor vocals and lyrical depth. Today, he unleashes the video for dreamy album track “New York,” an evening live session filmed outside of Vienna with director Tobias Pichler. The video also features Inner Tongue’s father performing a haunting saxophone solo. “When we arrived on set, we first had to carry 500 chairs out of the main hall. As soon as we had all our instruments set up in that empty space, it was magical, though,” the artist recalls. Indeed, the spare setting is the perfect canvas upon which Inner Tongue paints his portrait of longing. We can’t get this one out of our system.

Without further ado, East of 8th presents “New York,” the new video from Inner Tongue:


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