Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Elliah Heifetz‘ new tune “You Shall Be A Blessing” is the perfect pick-me-up for a Monday afternoon. Brightly acoustic with sparkling touches deftly inserted in all the right places, Heifetz charms us with his poignant lyrics and his endearing vocal style, the combinaton of which could make the most stoic listener swoon. A breakup song for the ages, y’all. Be prepared to hit repeat. A lot.

Alt-rock outfit The Solarists, rising from their Provo, Utah scene like a bottle rocket into the western sky, have unleashed new single “Wait For It.” With shimmering riffs, a delicious bass line, and a sway-worthy groove, The Solarists give us stick-to-your-ribs rock n’ roll that will scratch all your indie rock itches. Chew on this one:

With their new single, “Leaving Delaware,” Florida-based duo Arbour Season is dreaming of new beginnings. Their chilling harmonies blend seamlessly and float towards the atmosphere leaving a trail of goosebumps along the way. Their acoustic folk style is familiar but fresh. Let’s just say, they know exactly what they’re doing, and we hope they keep doing it. Give it a spin:

Sass and snarl rule the day with Corrin Campbell‘s “Exit Strategy”–a tune about overcoming self-doubt and breaking free. With its crunchy guitar-driven fuzz, lovely low-end support, and double bass pedal holding down the rhythmic fort, this song rocks and it rocks hard. Look out Paramore, Corrin Campbell’s coming through. Crank it up:



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