California rockers Sleep State talk about the embarrassment that comes with catching the feels for someone in their newest single, “Awkward.” With synth-pop influences, Sleep State transports listeners back to their youth with talk of unrequited love and the ever-so-prominent “friendzone.”

Oh girl, I wish I wasn’t so scared / I’d have you in my arms and I’d let you run your fingers through my hair / But for now I’ll just daydream in the friendzone / The thought of telling you how I feel turns me colder than a stone.

Lead singer and guitarist, Troy Ritchie, admits the song is based off an experience from his youth. He recalls falling for a girl which ultimately led to embarrassment and anxiety. Despite the somewhat humorous content within the song’s lyrics, the song also serves as inspiration. “Awkward” encourages listeners to not succumb to social pressures–it simply takes too much time and energy.

Don’t be afraid to get trapped in the friendzone with Sleep State’s latest single, “Awkward”:

[This mini-review was brought to you by Eo8’s own Bri Goebel.]

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